Marimba Quartet # 1 ~ Samsara ~


Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced
Duration: 9'00"
For four players: two 5.0 octave marimbas


Marimba Quartet #1 ~ Samsara ~ features a steady and simple catchy pattern that departs from that symmetry, gradually transforming into complex polyrhythmic ensembles. It ends dramatically, frantically reprising materials from previous sections.

Samsara is based throughout on the simple rhythm and its permutations, which are sometimes shortened and at other times concatenated into longer patterns. The combination of the permutations of basic figures provides a sense of asymmetrical meter, juxtaposed against a group measure of 4/4. Because at least one part always keeps a repetitive rhythmic pattern in common time, the music is always polyrhythmic. Thus, each part may appear simple, while ensemble coordination is always challenging.

The solo part in the middle section, measure 87-93 and 153-164, is based on rhythmic mirror form and palindromic melody.

Marimba Quartet # 1 ~ Samsara ~ - DIGITAL COPY

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