Bubblez for percussion ensemble with electronics




Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced

Duration: 6'50"

For six or 8 players: 2 vibraphones, 1 xylophone, two 4.3 marimbas, one 5.0 octave marimbas (Optional: Bass drum, Suspended Cymbal, and Gong) 1-8 channel audio interface and amplification.


* Sequence track for performance, which requires logic 10.4.1 above, and practice tracks (each part) will be sent separately.


Bubblez is inspired by jazz guitarist Miles Okazaki’s first album Mirror. Bubblez is constructed on systematic harmony and the grouping of rhythmic subdivisions consisting of three 36-measure cycles in 4/4 time. The music gradually shifts one to another subdivision. It is intended to be performed with click tracks; either 6 players with a recorded sequence or track, or 8 players.

Bubblez for percussion ensemble with electronics

SKU: TT-0003

    a score (8.5 x 14') and parts (11x14')


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