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"Tetsuya Takeno is a fantastic piano teacher. Both my teenage daughter and younger son enjoy his calm demeanor. He teaches kids how to learn and practice independently.  Tetsuya is generous with his time and energy and also puts on a great recital.  All of this, combined with his competence, assures a great music learning experience." A+

- Adrianne J



"Tetusya has taught my 10-year-old daughter piano for more than 5 years, and 6-year-old son for 10 months.  He’s always patient and very encouraging because my daughter can be very shy sometimes. And he motivates and creates a right level of challenge for my son because he’s a typical 6-year-old who can’t sit still.  He makes sure my children acquire the ability to read music and maintain a steady tempo when they play.


The spring and fall recitals Tetsuya and his wife organized were always enjoyable.  Even though my children were nervous about it, it’s a motivation for them to practice piano everyday, and they felt great and were proud of what they had accomplished at each recital.

Tetsuya is a great piano teacher and is very good with kids.  We are sad to see him go and we will miss him a lot."

- Josephine H



"I have always wanted to play the piano and thought one day I would get around to it.  Then for a Christmas present, I was given piano lessons.  Being a person over 50 and having no musical experience what-so-ever (could not read a note), I was nervous.  My husband couldn’t have found a better teacher.  I am amazed at my progress over the last 10 months.  Tetsuya is very patient and has a way of teaching that did not intimidate me, but was very encouraging.  For anyone out there considering lessons, I would highly recommend him!"

- Vicky E



“My daughter, now 12, has been dancing with Miss Katie and Miss Sylvia since IPAC opened its doors. Since IPAC started offering music, she has added drum lessons to her repertoire. Her teacher, Tetsuya Takeno, aka ‘Mr. T’, is patient, encouraging, and passionate about his craft. We’re so happy that IPAC selected a percussion instructor who exemplifies their mission of inspiring students through the arts!”

- Margie G.


“Lessons with Tetsuya are going great. He is very enthusiastic with the kids. He is also patient and kind. He sends reminders for the classes, is flexible, and he arrives on time. In our situation, the ability to teach each of the boys is wonderful.”

- Shay


"Tetsuya has been instructing my daughter Kenya for 2 months on the piano. He is a wonderful teacher, very patient and fun. My daughter looks foward to her weekly lesson. Thanks T for your dedication."

- Sasha T


"Tetsuya is a terrific piano teacher for our 8-year-old son.  He has patience and makes the lessons fun. We enjoy having Tetsuya as our son's first piano teacher!" 

- Nancy B


"Tetsuya's positive energy is infectious. You can't help but get excited about music when he is teaching. He has high expectations for students and sets them up for success to enhance their confidence."

- Kelly S


"My 6 year old daughter recently started piano lessons with Tetsuya, and she is already playing with both hands and reading music!  She looks forward to lessons, and loves to practice.  Tetsuya works very well with her and encourages her to improve and praises her when she does!  We are very happy with "Along came Music", and Tetsuya as our instructor."

- Kristi W


"Tetsuya pushes me to play my best.  He  really takes time to get me ready for my recitals. I like how he breaks down the songs to make it easier to learn them."

- Nick B


"Tetsuya is a fabulous teacher who really keeps my son interested in playing piano.  He pushes him, and makes it enjoyable for him."

- Kaje B


If you would like to take lessons or have questions about it,  please send me a message below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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