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Bubblez for percussion ensemble with electronics

"Bubblez for percussion ensemble with electronics"

composed by Tetsuya Takeno (2016)

Performed by Struck Percussion
Adam Rappel, David Birrow, Bojan Hoover, Jarod Bendele, Jack Donovan, Tetsuya Takeno

Recorded at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities, 2018

Audio recording and mixing camera by Michael Duffy

Audio Mixing & Mastering  by Tetsuya Takeno and Michael Duffy

Video Edited by Tetsuya Takeno


Percussive Notes, Vol. 58, No. 1, February 2020, p.61


Difficulty: V 

     “Bubblez” is a complex work for percussion ensemble with challenging individual parts. Ac-cording to the composer, “‘Bubblez’ is inspired by jazz guitarist Miles Okazaki’s first album, Mirror. It is constructed on systematic harmony and the grouping of rhythmic subdivisions consisting of three 36-measure cycles in 4/4 time.”

     Included with the score is a graphic layout of the form (measures, subdivision, pitch set, and mode), a setup diagram, mallet suggestions, a breakdown of the click track for each player, and performance notes. Also included is a sequence track, which the webpage for the piece indicates requires Logic 10.4.1 or above, and individual click tracks. The click tracks are included be-cause parts are layered resulting in oftentimes simultaneous presentations of motives in 3, 4, 5, and 7. The harmonic structure cycles through a minor pentatonic, F minor pentatonic, and C-sharp minor pentatonic.

     Programming this piece would be a large undertaking for an advanced college ensemble. That said, the result is a beautiful, vibrant, and rhythmically driven work that would no doubt be well-received by audiences. Once you work through all the logistics and technological re-quirements, “Bubblez” provides a unique musical experience.

     —Justin Bunting


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